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It was the northernmost Confederate victory of the war.

After the battle Early marched on under-defended Washington, D. Marc Leepson is a journalist, historian and author who specializes in writing about American history, the Vietnam War and Vietnam veterans.

Warriors of Honor - The Faith and Legacies of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson

Our April 15 speaker is Randy Watkins. He is a member of the 12th Va Reenactment group. He is a walking encyclopedia with a good personality. We were very impreessed with him and at that time suggested he come down and give a presentation to us.

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He is going to go in depth on the Battle of The Crater. He walks that site every day and tells the story of the Crater over and over. When we were there at the Crater he really helped bring the site alive. You will also pick up the amazing amount of respect Randy has for those who fought and those who died on all of these battlefields. I and all of the people on the tour know you will be impressed. Jerry Roxbury has had an interest in naval history and has collected military and naval artifacts for over 40 years.

He has displayed his vast collection in various museums, living history events, and Civil War shows throughout the Hampton Roads area and recently won "Best of Show" for his display on "Confederate Naval Cutlasses" at the Capital of the Confederacy Civil War show in Richmond Virginia. Quarstein is an award-winning historian, author, and preservationist.

He has served as an adjunct professor at several universities including the College of William and Mary and after 30 years, he is the Director Emertius of the Virginia War Museum. John is now the Historian for the City of Hampton, Virginia. He also serves as a museum consultant and historian for various cities and counties, such as Poquoson and Gloucester. Walker House.

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During his year career he has created or revitalized 16 museums and preserved 9 historic sites, such as Lee Hall Mansion, Endview Plantation, Warwick Court House and portions of the Williamsburg Battlefield. John V.

The Free State Of Patrick Blog: A Portrait of J. E. B. Stuart

An avid duck hunter and decoy collector, John V. Quarstein will be doing a presentation on the Battle of Big Bethel. Our July 15 meeting will feature Elizabeth Roberson. Roberson will be speaking on "Black Confederates". September Our speaker will be Fred L. He is a US Army veteran who spent most of his time in armored cavalry, during which he served two tours in Vietnam. While researching the Civil War era as part of a family history project, he found that one of his great-grandfathers, Lieutenant Jason O.

Patton, had commanded a Confederate sharpshooter company. This, in turn, led to an investigation of the sharpshooters themselves, and a book on the subject. Visit Mr. Ray's website to learn more about him. Also he has a treasure trove of articles archived on his site. Check out Mr. Longs website on the Battle.

J. E. B. Stuart

Our Dec. Floyd has a large collection of Sharps Rifles. They will be displayed and Mr. Floyd will be doing a presentation on the design, development and employment of the Sharps. Afterward we will be allowed to handle the many fine specimens in his collection. RT member Scott Dawson will doing a presentation on the Hunley. This I am sure will be as good as his other presentations.

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Al Stone. Here is a little something Mr. Stone emailed me about his appearances. The best thing to do though is to visit his website. Quarstein will be doing a presentation on the Battle of Williamsburg. While growing up she always had a love and passion for History. Her interest in the American Civil War sparked at the age of 4 when her parents took her on a trip to the battlefield in New Market, Virginia. With this move, Stacy fulfilled a life-long dream of working at a Civil War Park. She has been able to obtain a working 12pdr.

Napoleon Cannon that the park uses during living history demonstrations and the all-volunteer detachment portrays her favorite unit, the Washington Artillery of New Orleans.

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  3. God's Will Be Done: The Christian Life of J. E. B. Stuart by Thomas D. Perry.
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  7. Stacy began studying the Washington Artillery five years ago and has conducted extensive research on the unit, obtaining information from as far away as Louisiana and Colorado, and has presented programs on the unit at the park as well as at Civil War Round Tables and conferences. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and currently resides on Hatteras Island where he operates a museum and motel in Buxton called the Croatoan Inn.

    Dawson was previously engaged as a historical interpreter at the History Center at Festival Park in Manteo. Thompson is also the author of five historical books. Thompson will speak on John Taylor Wood who served as an officer in the Confederate Navy and became one of the most historic figures of the Confederacy.

    Retired Mechanical Project Engineer. More details to come. Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr. He served as the last curator of the Blockade Runners of the Confederacy Museum before going on to graduate school.

    God's Will Be Done: The Christian Life of J. E. B. Stuart by Thomas D. Perry

    He earned his M. After a brief teaching stint at East Carolina, Chris returned to his undergraduate alma mater where, since , he has taught in the Dept. Hardison has been doing the tours for the Battle of Plymouth Reenactment for years. He will be doing a presentation on The Battle of Plymouth. Our April 20th meeting we will be having a presentation by Ronnie Woolard. He graduated from Washington High School in with a record of leadership in athletics and academics. While a student there, he held youth ministries in Ohio and North Carolina.

    Continuing his education in summer school, Ronnie completed a Master of Divinity in Theology from Cincinnati Christian Seminary in Currently, he teaches an assortment of Old and New Testament courses. He still serves on a number of administrative committees. He has also been involved in cross-cultural work having taught in India, served on the Board of Central India Christian Mission, and taught in Venezuela where his daughter served as a Team Expansion missionary. He and his wife are Forwarding Agents for their daughter. Since joining the faculty in , Ronnie and his family have been actively involved in the local church as well including week-end ministries and supply preaching.