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Psalms American Standard Version ASV Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Psalms English Standard Version ESV Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

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Of course, This is true.

English US. It is understood by all and never needs to be stated. Throwing your title around or operating as if nothing else matters but your position "I am leading this organization, so you have to listen to me. Personal power is reflected in the way you "show up" and treat your employees and customers. It is about building relationships that result in authentic engagement.

How you lead your team, how you treat people, has everything to do with personal power. Read on for six ways to use your personal power for good, taken from classic superhero tales. To be a great leader, you must be teachable. This is achieved through active listening--not just hearing--but truly listening.

Take great care to "see" what's going on outside your own four walls and show genuine concern for your employees--the whole person, including their life outside of work. You are only as powerful as your people. Show appreciation for your employees by providing positive feedback, asking for their input and involving them in your pivotal decisions.

Hey Chuck! I understand that Soviet Union being evil is exactly how the people and kids perceived it back then. But we actually see Russian characters on screen doing horrific things, like drugging children, beating women, and even killing each other for no particular reason.

That is the definition of showing Russians as evil. We can look at the same thing and see it differently. This is a great article. As an American who has spent some time in Russia, I find it really distressing but not surprising that this kind of xenophobia runs so rampant in American culture. Thank you!

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I think we need to get to know each other better for these stereotypes to die down. I hope it will change sooner than later! Hi Yulia, funnily enough, I found your post searching for quite the same keywords as Amy, as I was pretty shocked about this first scene, too, produced in !!! As you say, in a time where women, black people and heterosexuals can be found in more and more hero roles in films and series. Nevertheless, we are a new generation and when I hear voices saying that Russia tends to be misunderstood, I can totally image it to be true.

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The world is rarely black and white. I wish we could just let let these stereotypes go. I feel very sorry for the Russians to be presented in this way. I wish there could be more films and series from other countries being shown globally. Hey Caro! I live in Germany right now and have been to Berlin a few times.

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Unfortunately, Hollywood movies are the only ones that the whole world gets to see. Although we have plenty of great films made in Russia, Russians are the only ones watching them. So in a way, USA gets to say anything they want through this medium, and the whole world will listen. We should learn how to make better quality movies and how to promote them world-wide.

I was actually thinking of writing a post with my favorite Russian movies and books. Hope you enjoy it! But American and British governments are good, right? Filip, I had the same thoughts, you take any powerful government in the world and one can make a long list of horrible things they have done. Hello, just found this by googling why Soviets were using WW2 uniforms rather than current uniform at the time.

And why would they haul their uniforms there in the first place! If you knew how happy it makes me to know I am not the only who thinks evil Russians are an overused stereotype! And as you may or may not know being from Russia and all, the Soviets were pretty terrible people who did horrific things so please do not complain about a very fictional show portraying the very real Soviet Union in its true form.

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Hey Mike! It would be great for you to learn to have a broader view on things especially living in the 21st century. Because God forbid you ever say that Muslims are terrorists … and thats exactly how you just generalised a whole society that was living in Russia during the USSR. And Yulia…sorry my emotions got a hold of me. And thank you for the article!

I think Netflix should be more careful with these things…especially considering the young generation that watches the series and builds up their minds based on things they see on screen even if its fiction.

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Hey Anastasia! I completely agree that the younger audience makes conclusions, even if not consciously, after watching the series. I hope they will change things around in season 4.

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Hi Yulia. Thank you for writing this article! To Mike, there is no need at all to be so condescending. Hi Kat! Thank you so much for this comment, I really appreciate the support! It makes me truly happy that people all around the world judging from the comments could see through it and also find it xenophobic. Although both the TV-series and the movie have their own sets of discrepancies, I was relieved to see that the creators took the time to study Russian history and culture, as well as make the characters deep and relatable. I want to believe that the portrayal of Russians in season 3 of Stranger Things was just lazy writing, as someone has already mentioned in comments, and that the screenwriters will do a better job in season 4 since the storyline with Russians is going to continue, judging from the last scene after credits.

The show takes place in the 80s and the culture of that time. It could also be viewed as a hommage to 80s movies as so much else in this show , where russians were often stereotyped as bad guys. Makes perfect sense. Hey Marcus! In a show as detailed and well-researched as Stranger Things, one would expect even the bad guys to have more depth of character and reasoning behind their actions than just their nationality. Ok, say, you are right.

It is homage and I can even get behind the Terminator character who is too ridiculous to be accidental.

But apart form him, everything else is still offensive. What good does it do to pay homage in a way that offends other people? And another thing, given that a large part of the audience of Stranger Things is kids and teenagers, will they really be able to appreciate this kind of joke? Instead, the younger audience will probably finish the season with a deeply rooted, but biased idea that Russian equals evil. Mind you this is not done for honest reasons, but to defend the status quo dominated by 0.