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Technology drives greater efficiency in EHS and sustainability management. In mines, and Vegas!

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Communications technology among tools needed to aid miner safety -- ScienceDaily

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Underground Coal Mines

Mining business intelligence Stay ahead of the game with access to the mining industry's only comprehensive source of breaking news, features and expert insight. Most popular. This substance reacts with the moisture in the air exhaled by the user and initiates a thermal process in which KO 2 is reduced to produce potassium hydroxide KOH and oxygen O 2. The user breathes in the oxygen. The carbon dioxide CO 2 breathed out by the user is then absorbed by the potassium hydroxide, which is chemically changed to potassium carbonate K 2 CO 3 in a reaction that produces water and heat.

The heat generated by the chemical reaction is regulated by a heat exchanger to prevent the air inhaled from the breathing bag becoming too hot.

India's coal mines challenged to boost productivity

When escape routes are long, for instance in coal mines, a switch to compressed air breathers can make good sense, but their limited air capacity is a drawback. Some extraction projects in the international mining industry extend to almost gigantic lengths and depths. Deep mining aptly describes mining at ever increasing depths — today, mining is carried out at depths that would have been unimaginable, not all that long ago. It also means that escape routes are longer and that there is no way to complete an escape entirely without any third-party assistance.

Read on to find out more about escape planning, equipment and strategies for deep mines.

New Strategies for Mine Escape Through Deployment of Self-Contained Self Rescuers in Coal Mines

In ore and mineral mines, underground escape routes are often long and steep. Here, the key priority is to stay calm, find a safe refuge — for instance in a rescue shelter — and wait for rescue team organized at the surface.

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  4. This is illustrated in exemplary form by escape plans for mines rescue, like those from South African gold mines. Gold mining in South Africa.


    Gold mining in the USA. Metal mining in Australia. Diamond mining in South Africa. In the case of metal mining underground, rescue shelters are often located close to the face where extraction takes place. In several countries, the relevant mining safety authorities prescribe the provision of underground refuge rooms or rescue shelters. If no such official regulations are in place, mining companies orient their actions on their own corporate policies or common practice.

    Above ground, emergency response plans generally anticipate self-escape and the provision of designated assembly points for mine personnel.

    Report: Communications technology among tools needed to aid miner safety

    Risk analysis provides information about any potential risks or hazards that may be involved. In downstream processing facilities, this applies particularly to toxic hazards or the risk of explosions as a result of leakage and increased concentrations of hazardous substances. Third-party rescue becomes necessary when personnel are unable to rescue themselves by escaping to a safe location. This can be the case, for example, when the atmosphere in a larger processing plant is contaminated with hazardous substances over a wide area and for a long period of time.