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After the simulation run, the evolution of durations, workload can be watched "like a video" with pause and position operations.

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Changes of specific parameters for optimization can be applied. As the resulting simulated processes can also be written to an Audit Trail Database and hence can be a resource for reporting, "as is" and "what if "comparisons can be performed. The portal provides different Perspectives for end users, managers and administrators. Non-invasive, REST-based concepts for UI mashups of arbitrary, not-necessarily co-located UI components as interactive steps in the process flow exist. Some elements of the components are essential for mission-critical production deployments and only partially or insufficiently available with other open source BPMS:.

All information regarding Stardust can be obtained from its Project Page and its Homepage , e. All Stardust documentation is available online with the Eclipse Online Help. The best way to get you hands on Stardust functionality after the installation is probably with the Support Case Tutorial which shows you how to create a process model, deploy the same into an embedded runtime environment in Eclipse and access the end user portals via your browser.

If you intend to build Stardust locally, you may clone the corresponding Git Repositories.

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Detailed documentation on how to build Stardust locally can be found here. To get in touch with or even become a member of the Stardust team feel free and very welcome to contact stardust-dev eclipse. Stardust is following the trend of more and more browser-orientation "development on the Web for the Web". The BPMN 2.

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I mean, no Captain Shakespeare? No happy stars-in-the-sky ending? The movie was such a feel-good one and the book? Not so much. Had I done it in the proper order book then movie I'm absolutely certain I would have felt differently about it, but that's not how it is. Both book and movie are amazing in their own right, and perhaps I shouldn't even compare them, but ah, too late.

Still, this is a great book and I really enjoyed it.

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So don't rid yourself of the chance to get to know some fantastic characters and go on a proper fairytale adventure with no risk of sugar exposure. Otherwise, it will never happen. I didn't like this very much. It wasn't a bad book exactly, but it was also far from being a good one. The characters didn't have much depth, the plot was unrealistic and completely predictable. For me, this is one highly overrated novel and I don't get what the fuss is all about. I still haven't watched the movie but I feel like this could be one of those rare cases when the screen adaption is better than the original.

The only other Gaiman book that I've read until today was Coraline , the graphic novel. I loved the haunting and dark atmosphere of it all. But apart from that, I'm not motivated to pick up another one of his books anytime soon. Find more of my books on Instagram Neil Gaiman and I have a love-hate relationship, and I hope that bothers him as much as it bothers me. Stardust falls into the third category.

In many ways it's a lovely, whimsical, humorous fairy tale, and I love fairy tale-inspired books, so I was predisposed to like this book, but in the end I had some issues with it. An English town with the mundane name of Wall lies on the boundaries of Faerie.

It takes its name from the high rock wall that separates Victorian England and our world from Faerie.

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  4. But there is a gap in the wall, and though men guard the gap against anyone entering or leaving Faerie from our world, every nine years there is a May Day fair when the guard is set aside. One May Day young Dunstan Thorn wanders into Faerie and is entranced by a slave girl with violet eyes and cat ears.

    Nine months later, a baby is unceremoniously thrust through the gap into Wall, with the name Tristran Thorn pinned to his blanket. Nearly eighteen years after that, Tristran who has no idea of his origin falls in love with a lovely but standoffish young girl named Victoria. Tristran begs her to kiss him, or marry him, or something. She demurs, and he rashly promises to bring her the treasures of the earth--including the star that they just saw fall to the earth.


    Victoria lightly promises him anything he desires if he will bring her the fallen star. So off Tristran goes to Faerie, to catch the fallen star. It turns out that in Faerie stars are beautiful and somewhat sparkly young women. Unfortunately for both Tristran and the star, there are several other people who want the star as well, for reasons more dark than Tristran's.

    Although this book is written in a rather simplistic style, reminiscent of old fairy tales, this one is definitely for adults, not kids. There's a somewhat detailed sexual scene, quite a bit of gore and death, and the star drops an F-bomb when she drops to earth. If you're going to give me adult content, then give me real adult content : depth, details, complex world building, unexpected turns in the story.

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    This one didn't quite hit the mark. There were several scenes and subplots that I thought begged for a more detailed description and some background: view spoiler [the little man who helps Tristran on his way, the flying ship, the man in the black silk top hat at the end did I miss his significance somehow? I wanted more in-depth world building, and a plot that was less predictable. This is an adventurous journey through the land of Faerie, with magic, witches, enchantments, unicorns, rainbows. In spite of my qualms and reservations, I still thought this was, overall, an enjoyable fairy tale with some darker elements.

    View all 79 comments. Oct 05, Will Byrnes rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , fiction. This is a charming journey of self-discovery by a character who has a dual nature, human and fairy. He makes it work, with the assistance of sundry others. The characters are…well.. There is darkness, evil, and real risk for our nicer types, and bad guys who are really, really bad. A fun, and quick read. This is a charming fairy tale, written in clear, and pretty language, with many creative elements.

    It sparkles. View all 25 comments. May 09, Sean Barrs the Bookdragon rated it it was ok Shelves: 2-star-reads , children-of-all-ages , fantasy , love-and-romance. I hate Tristan Thorn, though I do suppose that everybody has been in his shoes at one point in their life. Everybody was young once and everybody has been naively in love with someone they barely know. Indeed, when Victoria Forester, the woman he thinks he in love with, agrees to I hate Tristan Thorn, though I do suppose that everybody has been in his shoes at one point in their life.

    Indeed, when Victoria Forester, the woman he thinks he in love with, agrees to marry him if he fetches a fallen star, yes a fallen star, he childishly tries to retrieve it. And to ignorant to be scared, too young to be awed, Tristan Thorn passed beyond the fields we know. In doing so he does grows as a person and almost redeems himself as he sees the errors of his ways.

    However, he is still an oaf and a self-obsessed idiot for most of the novel, which makes him quite unbearable as a person.

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    Also on route to claim the star for their own is a trio of princes, which ever one claims her earns the Kingship. Septimus, the youngest of the three, is power mad; he will stop at nothing to be the victor even if it means walking over the corpses of his fellow prince. However, a dark and more sinister threat approaches: the evil witch queen. If her and her sisters eat the heart of the star then their youth will be restored, and in doing so most of their already deadly powers too. He is not written badly nor is he a bad person, but I just found him annoying enough to affect my enjoyment of the novel.

    When you hate the protagonist so much it makes the story not as fun to read, and makes you want to throw it at the wall; it becomes frustrating rather than pleasant. I mean he is so much of a love sick puppy that it made me sick. I just wanted to slap him. If Tristan was less of an idiot he would have annoyed me less and then I would have easily given this a four start rating, but alas he is a moron.

    View all 22 comments. Oct 05, Fabian rated it really liked it. There's more to this Adult Fairy Tale than meets the eye. This beloved new classic is a tight little package for the consideration of any jaded or unbelieving adult out there. A fast read, it is pleasurable, readable, crazy with the fusing of real "drama" with that of a New World or alternate dimension. View all 7 comments. Nov 04, Lola rated it really liked it Shelves: witches , family , adventure , love , fantasy , prince-and-princess , kingship , magic. His coat was thin, and it was obvious that he would not get the kiss, which he found puzzling.

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    The main heroes of the penny dreadfuls and shilling novels never had these problems getting kissed. Who knows what else I might do.