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Should I be scared of scrubs?

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And what are they doing outside of the OR, anyway? What I learned reassured me: People wearing scrubs in public places likely aren't coming directly from an operating room.


They probably aren't violating any kind of policy, because it's unlikely their facility has one. And yes, the scrubs probably have bacteria on them, but no, it probably won't make me sick to be near them. Still, there is a lingering yuck factor. First of all, it turns out Hollywood left me with the wrong impression. Scrubs are actually not considered personal protective equipment at all. Scrubs came into broad use in the operating room in the mid-2oth century. They were white so any stains or splatter would be easy to notice.

But the brightness of an all-white operating room added to surgeons' eyestrain, so the color was changed to a pale green, and the modern scrub design has stayed much the same since the s. These days, medical supplies and clothing are available to anyone, really. My dental hygienist wears brightly colored sets with floral patterns. Might people wear them around and about to show off?

Mind Food...

But medical staffers really should take that time, says Dr. He argues that most medical institutions need better procedures to ensure clean and professional work attire. I thought about the possible variety of pathogens and fomites that he might be shedding!

Greene says he is heartened by the recent interest that the medical community seems to be taking in professional medical dress codes. Inseam Measure along the inside of the leg, from just below the crotch to 1" below the ankle, or to the desired length of the pants. Let Affordable Uniforms make it simple for you. Read about different scrub pant design details to help you better understand what you're favorite scrub style is and how to shop for it easier. Jogger scrubs and knit cuff scrub pants typically have a skinny leg that ends in the an elastic cuff.

The fit is close to the leg and usually stop sjust above the ankle.

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Flare Scrub Pants Flares from the knee to the bottom hem. Noticeably wider at the hem than the knee. The fit around the calf is generally very loose, this cut often covers a portion of the shoe with tall side seam vents at the bottom hem.

Honeycomb: The Millionaire and the Scrub Lady

Modern Fit. Classic Fit. Plus Size. Modern FIT Scrubs. Dickies Dynamix 2 Pocket Scrub Top. Cherokee Infinity 3 Pocket Scrub Top. How TO Measure your size. It often takes a lot of trial and error to find which kind of exfoliant works best for your skin, so we turned it over to our staff and narrowed down the options to ones with proven results.

Read on for the best face scrubs Glamour editors swear by. I got this as a sample at Sephora years ago and never looked back. It's my go-to whenever I fall asleep in my makeup and need to fix my face, which usually ends up being around once a week. I rub it on in circles very gently—just barely with my fingertips—so it isn't too abrasive. Paired with that technique, it's one of the few scrubs that doesn't make me red and really improves the texture of my skin.

I pour a quarter-size pile of the powder in the palm of my hand, then sprinkle on warm water to create a foam. I smother it on for about a minute, followed by a rinse with warm water and my face wash It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser. Since I added it to my routine, my skin has been softer with less redness. I'm always hesitant about scrubs with shells in them, but the pumpkin and apricot seed powder of this one is really fine.

If you rub it gently, it's an extremely mild scrub—and even better, it pulls double duty as a hydrating mask. I put it on my face in soft, circular motions before letting it do its thing for 10 minutes.


Once you wash it off, all that's left is plump, glowing skin without any irritation. Oh yeah, and it smells like a pumpkin spice latte. I love a good face scrub, and this is the best one I've tried so far, since it gently exfoliates without sucking out moisture from my dry skin. It's a blend of coffee, bamboo, walnut, rosehip oil, and white clay, and I've found it evens out my skin tone and makes my face crazy smooth. I notice a difference every time I use it.

One warning: It's the color of coffee grounds, so it makes a bit of a mess in the sink, but it's honestly worth it. First off, there's a nice mix of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that get to work on dead skin, and then there are plant-based cellulose beads that make everything feel super polished. My skin gets a little red after, but I still find it gentle enough that five minutes later, everything calms down and crazy-glowy skin reveals itself.

Plus, a little goes a long way, so the jar lasts forever. My skin type is fairly normal, so I prefer a scrub that's gentle enough to use daily, which is exactly what this exfoliator is. People either love it or hate it , but I can't stop using good old St. Ives Apricot face scrub.