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Pages His Researches on the Speculum Astronomiae from to Another Historiographical Case-Study. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The attribution of the Speculum Astronomiae to Albertus Magnus became a controversial issue only recently, when the great neo-Thomist historian Pierre Mandonnet suggested -- without any antecedents -- that the author was Roger Bacon rather than Albert. Whereas 36cu has a terrestrial uniqueness suited for a sacred ceremonial site. It is at the foot of one of North Americas great bird migration routes.

It is at a confluence of springs. And it has an abundance of clay orange and red oxides. As mentioned before it is only a couple of miles from a major waterway the Conodoguinet Creek. The location would make it a very suitable place for ceremonies such as hunting, vision quest, burial, etc. Descriptions of the difficulty in making the projectile points and tools at 36DA20 and the sacred stone art at 36cu are similar.

The tool and projectile craftsmanship has been termed as the most difficult in North America with astoundingly reworked specimens. Professionals have described the stone art craftsmanship at 36cu as the best examples of Palaeolithic portable art ever seen in the world. Even so, we should not expect the Palaeolithic hunting tools from 36AD20 to match those for the sacred ceremonies at 36cu Additionally, the incredible stone workmanship mirrors each other in the distinct uniqueness of art style and technique. At 36DA20 they crafted unique and beautiful fluted projectile points and at 36cu the stone art was created with a distinctly amazing relief style uniqueness.

Additionally, the stone sacred art at 36cu has been described as similar in some aspects to African, Asian, and South American, but also unique. That would be consistent with our theory. If at one time they originated from the Altai, Siberia region and then migrated to a standstill period in Beringia; their unique relief art style and technique would be consistent with that isolation and also that cultural origin. Just as the unique DNA was formed due to a cultural isolation, the same can be said for the projectile point fluting and the unique relief art style.

The large size of both sites is similar as well with massive amounts of artifacts that were created and deposited at each site. Both sites are approximately 35 acres. At 36DA20 there have been some estimations that as many as an estimated 7, Palaeoindian artifacts have been recovered. At one court hearing it was estimated that there had been an estimated 20, artifacts recovered at 36cu Both the Culture at 36DA20 and the one at 36cu imported stone to create their projectile points, tools and sacred artwork.

They had a special connection to their lithic materials. At 36cu the natural geology is Shale and Clay. There are many examples of tools and artwork that have been initially diagnosed by professionals that are imports to the site. Both cultures appeared to revolve heavily around a hunting culture. It has been suggested that at 36DA20 Caribou or Elk were harvested. And that the climate was colder and the vegetation different and more suitable for Megafauna.

At 36cu there have been discovered stone sculptures of birds, fish, the prehistoric horse, and wolf. It would be consistent with an Anthropological geographic origin of Altai, Siberia. There has also has been other artifacts discovered such as a facial profile that is consistent with a human facial reconstruction in Mexico dated to about , years ago. Just as in the case of the historic component, as we gain more data about the prehistoric component, we will either continue validating our theory or changing it. Our website shows an array of lithic materials that need to be clearly diagnosed and their origins determined.

Precibus dictorum Pauli et Lelli Paulus In[sa]larine, Nutius Santingelli, Cola Romanelli et Marchus Petronis Archari de regione Montium quilibet eorum in solidum sponte fideiusserunt penes dictum Laurentium et promiserunt sese facturos et curaturos etc. Hanc autem refutationem sibi fecit pro eo quod confessus est se recepisse et habuisse a dicto Romanello dictos VII florenos auri de quibus etc. Testes : Iohannes sutor, Colutia de Fontana et Petrus ciabactarius.

Hoc est pax et secur[itas] pacis osculo interveniente de hore ad hos facta inter Iohannem sutorem et Antonium fratrem [eius] qui Iohannes obligavit se de rato pro Butio fr[atre] suo et promiserunt etc. Nos Lellus Nicolai albiter etc. Butius Petri Golini de regione Montium cum consensu et voluntate domine Risabelle uxoris sue que domina renuntiavit omni suo iuri dotis donationis etc.

Ad hec Nardolus Lelli Iohannis Romani et Butius Iohannis Infantolini de regione Montium quilibet eorum in solidum precibus dicti Butii sponte fideiusserunt penes dictam dominam Angetem presentem et recipientem et. Precibus dicti Nardoli Butius Iohannis Infantolini et Laurentius Iacobutii de regione Montium quilibet eorum in solidum fideiusserunt penes dictum Butium presentem et recipientem et promiserunt sese facturos et curaturos etc.

Paulus filius quondam domini C[ ]. Malabrance de regione Montium sponte vendidit [venerabili] viro domino domino fratri Marco abbati monasterii Sancte Praxedisd exequtori testamenti et ultime voluntatis domini Petri Georgii exequtorio nomine et pro ipsa exequtione facienda hac presente die sponte vendidit dicto domino abbati unam petiam terre deserte et unam scatratam cum arboribus infra se et cum introytibus et exitibus suis etc. Hanc venditionem sibi fecit pro pretio XXXII florenorum auri quo[s] presentialiter et manualiter recepit de quibus [etc.

Milgiorati de regione Montium quilibet eorum in solidum sponte fideiusserunt penes dictum dominum abbatem presentem et recipientem exequtorio nomine quo supra quod dicte terre non sunt vendite etc. Appellarlo interposita per Petrum magistri [Angeli] notarium procuratorem domine Iohanne uxoris Cecchi de Penestre et Ritotie uxoris Pasqualis ante hostium scalarum Capito[lii] quando diffidavit de cont ractu et confessione de [hoc] appellai etc. Butius Oddonis Archionis de regione Mo[ntium] sponte fecit suum procuratorem Colectam.

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In [presentia] mei notarli etc. Butius dictus Belpico de regione Montium sponte fecit suum procuratorem Ioh[annem] Oddonis Archionis presentem et recipientem ad causas etc. Iohannes de Montorio de [. Stephanus Scarilgia de regione Montium cum consensu domine Iohanne uxoris sue que domina renuntiavit in hiis omnibus omni suo iuri dotis etc.

Hanc autem venditionem sibi fecit pro pretio XX florenorum quos confessus est se recepisse de quibus etc. Hanc autem venditionem dictus dominus Nicolaus eidem Cole Peticti presenti et recipienti fecit pro. Ad hec precibus dicti Cole Gese Mactheolus Rentii presbiteri Petri et Nardolus Iohannis Nardi de Ameterninis de regione Montium quilibet eorum in solidum sponte fideiusserunt animo donandi penes dictum Colam Peticti presentem et recipientem in casu evictionis tantum etc.

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Cecchus Oddonis Archionis de contrata Sancti Adriani ex una parte et Petrus Sertani mercator de contrata Sancti Basilii ex alia sponte fecerunt compromissum in Iohannem Archionis presentem et recipientem et presbiterum Laurentium rectorem ecclesie Sancti Salvatoris de Sebura absentem ut presentem tanquam in eorum arbitros etc. Hec estflJ et securitas pacis osculo interveniente de hore ad hos facta inter Stephanum Scarilgia de regione Montium ex una parte et Colam Pauli Alberici dictum alias Panante ex alia remicten- tes dicte partes ad invicem omnes ingiurias et offensas etc.

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Precibus et rogatu dicti Stephani Iohannes Oddonis Archionis de regione Montium sponte fideiussit penes dictum Colam presentem et recipien- tem et promisit etc. Precibus dicti Cole Cecchus Martini ferrarius de regione predicta sponte fideiussit penes dictum Stephanum presentem et recipientem et promisit etc. Hanc autem locationem fecit dictus dominus Petrus dicto magistro Antonio procuratori procuratorio nomine quo supra presenti et recipienti pro eo quod dictus procurator procuratorio nomine dicti domini Iacobi promisit dicto.

Item actum et conventum extitit inter dictas partes quod si dictus procurator cessaret solvere censum supra dictum quod sit licitum ipsi domino Petro sibi dictum molendinum retinere ad se et de eo facere pro suo libito voluntatis etc.

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In primis ipse Tutius licet ipsam Ritotiam. Cola Deodati de regione Colupne sponte confessus fuit se recepisse in depositum a Petro domini Fulci de regione Montium presente videlicet unum rublum boni grani sine malitia ad mensu- ram senatus quod granum et depositum promisit sibi reddere hinc ad festum sancte Marie de mense augusti proxime futuro etc. Petrus Omniasancti de regione Montium sponte fecit generalem refutationem et quietationem Angelo Pascio de dieta Regione presenti et recipienti pro se et vice et nomine Cole Galgioffi de dieta Regione occasione cuiusdam depositi continentis quantitatem XII.

Hanc autem refutationem dictus Petrus eidem Angelo presenti et recipienti pro se et quo supra nomine fecit pro eo quod confessus fuit se recepisse et habuisse a dicto Angelo dictas XII libras provisinorum de quibus etc. In presentia mei notami etc. Item dicta Perna consentiit in locatio- nem predictam factam dicto Pa[u]lo per predictos dominos canonicos et iuravit etc. Supradicta Perna que iuravit etc.

“36cu0190” a Historic and Prehistoric site in Pennsylvania

Supradictus Paulus sponte promisit et per sollepnem stipulationem convenit Sabbe magistri Pauli de Trivio presenti et recipienti eum non molestare nec molestare facere occasione cuiusdam sententie quam habet contra eum de tribus florenis auri scripte per Iohannem domini Iacobi notarii hinc ad unum annum proxime futurum etc.

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Supradictus Paulus sponte confessus est se recepisse in depositum a domino Iohanned de Ilperinis canonico ecclesie Sancii Petri ad Vincula. Hanc autem relocationem et renovationem dictus procurator pro se et. Item dictus procurator locavit pro se et quo supra nomine predicto presbitero Mactheo presenti et recipienti nomine dicte sue ecclesie videlicet unam domum positam in dicta contrata Putei Probe infra suos confines.

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Paulus Cole presbiteri Petri de regione Montium sponte promisit et convenit Laurentio fratri suo presenti vendere quodam pastinum quod habet ad locationem a canonicis et capitulo basilice Sancte Marie Maioris pro certo predo inter eos convento et pro dicta venditione fienda recepit pro arris et parte pacamenti duos florenos auri etc. In presentia meH etc. Petrus domini Fulci de regione Montium sponte vendidit Blaxio Cecchi de civitate Penestre presenti et recipienti videlicet totas herbas casalis ipsius Petri quod vocatur Frascari et herbas omnes casalis Sancte Marie Maioris ad currendum cum pecudibus ipsius Blaxii incipiendo ex nunc usque ad festum sancti Angeli de mense maii proxime futurum verum quod debeat custodire prata et piscularia a medie- tate mensis martii.

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Gualterius Iohannis Toscani de regione Montium et contrata Archino- norum"1 sponte confessus fuit se recepisse in depositum nomine et ex causa depositi a Petrutio dicto alias Sacchetta de dieta regione presente et legitime stipulante videlicet LX libras bonorum provisinorum de quibus etc. Hanc autem venditionem dictus Antonius eidem Cole presenti et recipienti fecit pro pretio XXX librarum provisinorum quas dictus Antonius a dicto Cola confessus fuit se recepisse etc.

Tutius dictus Calcavecchia de regione Montium sponte promisit et per sollepnem stipulationem convenit Simeono mandatario de dieta regione presenti et recipienti solvere et pacare eidem cum effectu XIII libras provisinorum cum dimidio hinc ad festum Pascatis Resurressionis Domini nostri Yhesu Christi proxime futurum quas XIII libras provisinorum cum dimidio sunt residuum pretii vini venditi per ipsum Symeonem ipsi Tutio etc. Folchectus Petri domini Fulci qui asserit se esse emancipatus a dicto patre suo de regione Montium sponte vendidit.

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Petrutius filius quondam Scecche dictus alias Iucandeo de regione Colupne qui iuravit etc. Hanc autem donatio- nem dictus Petrutius eidem Martino presenti et recipienti fecit propter multa grata et honesta servitia per ipsum Petrutium a dicto Martino recepta quam donationem dictus Petrutius promisit perpetuo non revocare etc.

Hec sunt fidantie sacro firmate et acceptate inter Cecchum Martini ferrarium pro domina Margarita advuncula sua pro qua promisit de rato ex una parte et Cerium Nicolai primicerii de regione Montium ex alia videlicet quod dictus Cecchus promisit eidem Cerio facere et curare quod dieta domina Margarita erit uxor ipsius Ceroli et dabit sibi pro dote et nomine dotis CCCm florenos auri in bonis stabilibus et mobilibus secundumaJ actum et conventum est inter eos et faciet sibi guarnimenta secundum quod actum est inter eos. Et versavice dictus Cerolus promisit eidem Ceccho presenti recipere dictam dominam Margaritam in uxorem cum dictis dote et guarni- mentis et facere sibi instrumentum dotale de iure sufficiente etc.

Domina Margarita supradicta renuntiavit auxilio velleiani senatus consulti etc. I - Arch. Stato Roma. Notai Capitolini vol.


II - Arch. III - Arch. IV - Arch. V - Arch. VI - Arch.